Support Akeem, Not the Machine!!

Akeem Browder is running for Mayor of New York City on the Green Party line for the General Election on November 7, 2017.

As we are six weeks away from election day, Akeem needs your support to get his important, non-corporate message out to the public!


 Everyone in New York City deserves to know that there is an alternative to voting for the same people, policies, and political parties that fail time and time again to put people and planet before profit. Bill de Blasio has clearly made deals with the real-estate devil. He believes in a "pay to play" political system where money rules and where real democracy gets thrown under the bus. We all know what the problems are. We have rents no one can afford, a criminal justice system that overwhelmingly criminalizes and profiles people of color, the most racially segregated school system in the US that is woefully underfunded and which is being privatized at an alarming rate, and of course, we have an environmental crisis that effects us all.

Elected officials in both the Democratic and Republican Parties are part of machine politics. They refuse to change our broken electoral system because it serves to keep them in power.

Green Party candidates know that simply electing one "good" candidate does nothing if the system its self is broken. Thats why Green Party candidates refuse to accept any corporate donations and advocate for publicly funded elections where all candidates get the same media attention, where their are fair mandatory debates, and where money plays no role!

Imagine what our city and our world could be like if we had a system that put People, Planet, and Peace over profits!

We can have that system if everyone gets involved!

To get this important message out, please consider donating $27 today!


If you are unable to make a donation, would you be able to support by volunteering to hand out literature or working with our campaign?

You can sign up to volunteer here:

We thank you in advance for helping us create a New York for All New Yorkers.


Akeem Browder and the Akeem Browder for Mayor Campaign

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    I want to say how brave it is for you to be running for Mayor; i am aware of your plea convictions, which are pressured by a system w a 97% plea rate.. which is astounding.. I hope you continue your cases for your brother, Kalief.. RIP young soul. I have many friends in the system (because i come from humble background and have a soft spot for those who are hurt and in trouble- which at least one most times both are present for anyone who is facing jail time).. I am a supporter and and an advocate and have friends in NYC who may be of help in both causes. I will contribute a humble donation :)
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