My Vision

My vision calls for a global community of communities that recognizes our immense diversity. I stand firmly for social justice for all those living in this country regardless of their immigration status. Above all, policy and law must be humane.Basically what I believe is, freedom of Religion, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of the Press, freedom of criticism & freedom of movement. I believe in the goal of equal opportunity & the right of each individual to follow the calling of his or her own choice & the right of every individual to an opportunity to develop his or her own potential to the fullest.I believe in the right and duty of every citizen to work for, expect & to obtain an increasing measure of political, economic,& emotional security for all. I’m opposed to discrimination in any form, whether on the grounds of race, color, religion, political belief, or economic status.I consider these as sacred principles & I believe in them as living realities.


I believe that transparency is one of keys to gaining trust between communities and the Police Departments. Along side with body cameras Any efforts to make policing more just, must first address the problem of excessive force, over policing and disrespect for the public. Much of the debate has focused on enhanced training, diversifying the police and embracing community policing strategies along with accountability measures. However, most of the reforms fail to deal with fundamental problems inherent to policing. DeBlasio and Bratton announced additional use of force training after the terrible Eric Garner death by choke hold as a method. But the casual  disregard for the well being of our New Yorkers are apparently evident to his near lifelessness while awaiting an ambulance. 


It is my initiative to make sure each school is properly funded to have a proper social service program for the students & teachers to express themselves when need be. Also a coach to train the teachers on how to better fit in with the students instead of conforming them to the classroom size and structure. As a Green I believe in Education not indoctrination. I will see to it that the school leadership teams meet with the parent teacher boards monthly and have training monthly. I plan to hold the school superintendents accountable to make every meeting and to report the what the parent teacher boards have issues with so that the parents are able to be involved with their communities. Deblasio has ignored the legislation making this possible and is rightfully so illegal and should be brought up on charges. I will issue initiatives to help NYC become up to par with how we as a nation can be progressive through vocational trades as a way to keep up. Also Repeal the No Child Left Behind


As the Mayor I will work with the Governor to enhance rental assistance programs that prevent homelessness & help homeless New Yorkers move from shelters to their own homes.I will allocate a larger number of public housing apartments – at least 2,500 per year – to homeless families.I as the Mayor will also ensure that at least 10 percent of the housing units created or preserved under his ambitious ten-year, 200,000-unit housing plan are targeted to homeless families and individuals. I have initiatives that can prompt Governor Cuomo to fully fund the State’s share of a new City-State “New York/New York Agreement” to create 30,000 units of supportive housing for homeless New Yorkers living with special needs. Work with the coalition for the homeless and EEO of NYC to bring jobs to those in NYC that needs to get healthy and sustainable living.


Make streets, neighborhoods and commercial districts more pedestrian friendly. Redirect resources that currently go to enhancing auto capacity into expanding human-scale transit options.

  • Develop affordable mass transit systems that are more economical to use than private vehicles.

  • Encourage employer subsidies of transit commuter tickets for employees, funded by government Congestion Management grants.

  • Use existing auto infrastructure for transit expansion where possible. Light rail could be established in expressway medians through metropolitan high-density corridors.

  • Develop extensive networks of bikeways, bicycle lanes and paths. Include bike racks on all public transit.

  • Maintain free community bicycle fleets, and provide necessary support for cyclists.


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